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my pussy

recollection: "i thought garlic just tasted good!"

i think it was sometime around november (11/03). i got a yeasty. i'd had one once a few years before and i'd used an over-the-counter treatment, but i didn't want to this time. i didn't want to spend the money, it probably wasn't animal-friendly, and a natural remedy just seemed like the best way to go.

so, i did some internet research and decided to go with the garlic method. i cut a piece of (huge!) elephant garlic into a 1" x 1/2" chunk and tied a 'string' made of a cut plastic grocery bag to it. i thought of using yarn but i didn't want pieces of acrylic to come off inside me and get stuck to my walls potentially leaving me with toxic shock syndrome. i didn't want the garlic to touch my vulva and make it sting so i had my girlfriend stick it in me while i held the lips far apart. it felt odd having something enter my vagina while completely unaroused. i don't wear tampons or use sea sponges or cups so a great deal of my experiences with insertion are sexual.

i went for the rest of the day with the garlic inside me and the itching , burning, and discharge disappeared. i took it out that night and my girlfriend put a new one in to do its magic while i slept. i took it out the next morning and i've been yeast free since. now i can't believe all those medications - the pills, insertable capsules, and creams - even exist. it's so simple, cheap, and easy to cure a yeasty. and i thought garlic just tasted good!
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