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paying attention to my cycle and my vagina in general makes me feel so comforted and reassured. it feels good to predict when my flow will start and then have it arrive just as expected. eight days ago on 2/5/04 i predicted that i would start in about one week, and sure enough:

my flow started friday (2/13). it started during seminar about a quarter to 2. i could feel the warm squishes leaking out onto the crotch of my tights. after putting on an unbleached cotton pad (no dioxins for this pussy!) i went to a party. i never get cramps (only once have i, and that was because of an extreme situation), but for some reason this night i did. i think it may have been because i didn't eat as much as i usually do. they weren't bad - really just a dull pressure in my abdomen. i had my friend massage my ovaries and, surprisingly, he did a great job! i don't have much experience with relieving cramps as i've only had them once, but this approach worked just fine! yesterday (2/14) when i was taking a shower i pulled a splook from my pubes. i've felt my splooks before and this one was different. i fingered it and pulled it apart a few times. this one had a different texture - tougher and fibrous. my splooks are usually slippery and more like mucous.

other than the dull cramps on the first day this period had been smooth sailing. i've been so lucky. somehow i ended up having such nice, wonderful flows. it may have something to do with the fact that i've never hated or feared my flow. i've heard of cases where someone with horrible cramps sees a significant decrease in pain or a disappearance of it altogether when she focuses more on her vagina and flow and learns to love them.
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