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no tampons

during my first few periods i only wore disposable pads. i was too squeamish to even imagine shoving a tampon in myself. anyhow, the tampons my mom had in the bathroom cabinet looked so huge! i couldn't even believe she got those things in her.

one day i decided to try it out. i had gotten some 'slim' tampons in some promotional thing and they looked a lot friendlier than my mom's giant wads of cotton. i was finally going to do it. i sat down on the toilet and unwrapped the tampon. the "eco-friendly" cardboard applicator looked thin and harmless enough. but, the very top, where the tampon came out, looked jagged. the little cut-out X on the tip looked mean and sharp. i really didn't want this thing in my vagina. but, it would be more comfortable and less messy compared to a pad, right?

so, i took a breath, squatted in the position the instructions on the box recommended, and put the nasty little thing on the opening of my vagina. i pushed it in maybe half an inch, if that, then i totally chickened out. i sat down, looked at the tiny bit of blood on the tip, and threw it away. i flushed, though there was nothing to flush, and left. oh well, at least it was free...

i tried two more times and i actually got one in once, but i only wore it for one day. i was so terrified of TSS i could only stand to use it on my very heaviest day.

you will never catch me with a tampon shoved up my cunt. part of my squeamishness about tampons was the idea that i was stopping my natural flow. that's just something you don't mess with, you know? also the bleached cotton they are made of has dioxins which will make my pussy sad and angry.
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Tampons also contain asbestos
b/c they agitate the walls of a
vagina and cause heavier flows
of blood. Which, in turn, causes
women to purchase more tam-
isn't it horrible? i can't stand all that crap.
Where did you find that / could you provide some links?

I can't personally stand to wear any pads, they are just GROSS, so the most tolerable option are the tampons. And htey have the % of what they contain in them .. hmm :-/
you might want to try out the keeper.

women who use it swear buy it. i'm fine with cloth pads, but i think i would really love the keeper if i used it.

happy bleeding!
Having a look - thx for the link :)
11,000 tampons in a lifetime of a woman??? that's a giant pile of junk, and toxins in the body .. gross.
I might try that actually ..
actually just found hte silicone version of it ... that looks more like for me. i don't trust not becoming latex allergic, so i think i'll order one of those then ...
Actually, the U.S. tampon industry used to
use a bleaching process that left harmful dioxins
relict in its tampons. It was at one time asso-
ciated with toxic shock syndrome (TSS), but since
both have proven irrelevent.

The FDA forced the industry to use a chlorine-free
bleaching process involving hydrogen peroxide -- a
process which, might I add, has relatively no dioxin
threat (that is, below trace levels insomuch as to
not even appear in regards to highly sensitive

TSS, on the other hand, has been proven to
actually have little direct correlation with
tampon use. It is caused by a bacterial toxin
which is known to affect men and children as
well as women. In fact, there are only five
known cases linking TSS to tampon use -- none
of which place question on the chemicals within
the tampon as the cause, but rather, the condi-
tions in which the tampon were applied (i.e.,
the cleanliness of the hands and/or facilities).

Asbestos in tampons is actually a proven
80's feminist rumor against the consumption
of tampons to accomodate to a man's society
...Whatever the hell that means. The FDA
has researched this claim, and by assuming
that their active concern was indicative of
truth, I believed it before I ever received
the results of the aforementioned studies.

So I suppose it's true: The less a man makes
declarative statements, the lesslikely he is to
look foolish in retrospect. Sorry.
Oh, that's some culture & history of that device - thx :)
I thought those things were just polyester or cotton or whatever it was, and jsut bleached .. but with taht story it makes sense that they still do add all that TSS warning on those.
(Even though with those statistics, they could as well make Coca Cola add to coke bottles a warning about dieing of choking with coke..)


12 years ago

ho-ly SHIT. you are one weird mother fucker. ive just finished reading your journal and *whoa*... can you say "nut case"? appreciate your vagina- thats fucking fine... but christ, its like your life fucking revolves around it! i need to go burn my eyes after reading about youor "extensive" hymen/period research... ugh...
I got excited when I found your journal. You seem awesome, I added you. Add me back?
sure, this is pretty much just a journal for my vag which i, sadly, haven't updated in forever. but i will most certainly add you back. =)
Most excellent. Your journal is so kick ass.<3 :D I love it.
thanks! =)

Deleted comment

Yep, I've heard of them. I've never heard of using menstrual blood in the water you use for house plants. that's so rad! i'm due for a period pretty soon so i'm totally going to try it. i just recently got way into house plants, so this is truly exciting.

good to hear you use organic, unbleached tampons. that's rad. those are the only kinds i would ever use if i could actually bring myself to shove one up there.

also, how'd you come across this journal?