my pussy (this_cunt) wrote,
my pussy

a description

my vulva is small. well, from my encounters with other vaginas at least. small and pink and... well, cute.

my labia majora, or outer lips, are plump. on the outside part nearest my thighs they are the same color as my skin, if not a little pinker, and covered in hair. moving toward my inner lips they are hairless, smooth, light pink, and generally moist.

my inner lips, or labia minora, are smaller and thin. they are a rosy pink and usually moist. they reach from under the hood of my clitoris to the base of my opening. usually there is a clear to whiteish deposit of fluid in the crevices between my labias and along my opening.

right inside my inner labia is my hymen. it is the darkest shade of pink on my vulva and it looks almost flowerlike. when i spread my lips and opening apart my hymen looks like four small, round dark pink petals rotating around and open. no, seriously. that's what it looks like, i'm not trying to be all poetic or something.

the hair along the outside of my outer labia spreads from over my mound and a bit onto my inner thighs. it runs along my outer labia and down to my anus where it gets sparse as it moves a little past.

the width of the hood of my clitoris is 1/2 inch.

the length of my inner labia is 1 inch.

from the top of the hood to the end of my labia minora is 2 1/2 inches.
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