my pussy (this_cunt) wrote,
my pussy

recollection: the "vagina incident"

sometime around december 16, 2003 was the "vagina incident." it was frightening, certainly. i got out of bed to go to the bathroom right after i'd had sex with my girlfriend. i noticed that my vagina felt dry and sore, but we were having unusually rough sex so it made sense. plus, i usually felt dry after sex anyhow. walking down the hall i noticed that my vagina felt... large. i felt like i had something wedged between my thighs. when i sat down on the toilet i pulled apart my outer labia and peered down. my inner labia looked larger, swollen, but i couldn't get a good view so i let go and pissed. the burning and stinging was insane! i finished and went back to my room stating that there was something wrong, very wrong, with my vagina.

i got on the bed, spread my legs, and my girlfriend checked it out for me. her expression was one of shock, horror, and disbelief. i was scared already, now i was becoming slightly panicked. i told her to get my hand mirror so i could see. it was huge. gigantic. enormous. i've never seen my vagina - or any vagina! - in such a state. my vulva was swollen to at least four times its size. i couldn't stop looking at it. the skin was super tight and translucent. it was a deep pink, almost red, instead of its usual pale, gentle pink color. my girlfriend couldn't stop looking either and kept asking to touch it. it hurt when she touched it, it was so dry, so i cringed when she even came near me. we wondered what made my vagina so swollen. it had to be the rough sex. she didn't want to believe she'd made that happen, but what else could have? it couldn't be a disease - in my paranoia i thought of everything that could have caused this. she said that after girls get some part of their vagina pierced it swells up and looks like what mine did. she sat at my laptop and started looking for pictures of freshly pierced vaginas. she couldn't find anything and i wanted to do something about my swollen vulva, but i had no idea what.

i decided to take a shower in hopes that would do something - anything. the hot water felt boiling on my vagina. i roughed it out and stood with my back to the stream of water letting it run down my back and over my vagina. i stood there for about 45 minutes coming up with no solutions until, finally, i thought of something: my roommate's mom! she used to be a midwife and is a registered nurse. i got out of the shower and told my girlfriend we should call her and see if she had any advice. i made my girlfriend call because a sudden fit of modesty overcame me. the phone eventually, however, ended up in my reluctant hand and i was explaining the situation to my roommate's mother. while giving descriptions of my sex life and the current state of my vagina over the phone i couldn't help but break into a fit of laughter. i'm surprised she didn't think we were prank calling - i guess she noticed the panic in my voice between the laughter. she told me that rough sex can cause tiny but numerous lacerations and my body will sense trauma and the cut skin will swell up. she said i needed to put some aloe vera on a towel and sit on it. i sent my girlfriend to our friend's to get some and when she returned i cautiously squirted it on a paper towel and slowly put it on my vagina. the cooling gel was wonderful! i lie in bed for an hour re-applying the aloe over and over. eventually, i put an ice pack on it to help the swelling go down. finally, my girlfriend checked to see what state i was in and it had gone down some! i looked with the hand mirror and i was so relieved. my vagina lives on! the whole while i had this creepy feeling that my vagina would be stuck like that forever. i didn't really conciously think it, i just felt utter hopelessness for my swollen vulva. i felt diseased.

a few hours after "the incident" and my vagina was back to normal and i was once again a very happy pussy.
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